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Soil biodiversity dna eukaryotes

The dataset includes bacterial 18S raw DNA sequences for 885 samples collected as part of LUCAS 2018 Soil survey (Biodiversity module).

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LF622 - Landscape Fragmentation (LUISA Platform REF2014)

The indicator measures the degree to which species movements between different parts of the landscape are interrupted by barriers. The more barriers fragmenting the landscape, the more difficult will be the species movement through the landscape. This is measu...

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LF211 - Recreation potential maps (LUISA Platform REF2014)

The land function provision of leisure refers to the access to recreational services including cultural landscapes. The indicator Recreation Potential reflects the potential opportunities for nature based recreation activities provided from different ecosystem...

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Flower Detection

Train/Test data for object detection of flowers. This dataset contains 500 images of grassland vegetation patches with all visible flowers annotated using bounding boxes. The dataset is divided into a training set of 400 images and a test set of 100 images. ...

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Agri-enviromental semantic segmentation of LUCAS

This dataset contains a semantic segmentation delineation derived from street-level images, focusing on categorizing agricultural and natural landscapes. With 35 distinct classes, including labels such as "field margin," "crop," "cropfield," and "ditch," the d...

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LUCAS Vision

Crop identification using deep learning on LUCAS crop cover photos

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Reference list of MSFD D1 species (2018-2020 update)

The reference list of species for the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) Descriptor 1 was reviewed by JRC with the collaboration of the MSFD Expert Network on Marine Biodiversity, composed of marine biodiversity experts nominated by the EU Member State...

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A spatio-temporal database of disturbances in European forests caused by insects and diseases.