iMAP FP dataset – An evidence library of the effects of Farming Practices on the environment and the climate

Acronym: iMAP-FP-dataset


The iMAP-FP dataset (version 2023) compiles information obtained from a systematic screening of peer-reviewed meta-analyses, published since the year 2000, on the effects of 34 categories of sustainable farming practices (such as agronomic practices, cropping and livestock systems, land management options and mitigation techniques) on the climate, the environment, and productivity. Meta-analyses were systematically selected and categorised according to the type of farming practice considered, the impacts evaluated, the geographical regions covered, as well as the quality of the meta-analysis. The 2023 version includes 3700 records about the effects of 34 categories of sustainable farming practices compared to conventional agriculture practices. The effects are described through approximately over 200 different pairs of comparison and 34 impacts, measured using over 600 different metrics. Impacts relate, among others, to the climate, quality of air, water and soil, anti-microbial resistance, energy use, biodiversity, and crop productivity. The dataset is freely accessible online (, which provides summaries on the specific effects of each farming practice.


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