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The European Soil Data Centre (ESDAC) is the thematic centre for soil related data in Europe. Its ambition is to be the single reference point for and to host all relevant soil data and information at European level. It is the source for various authoritative European soil-related datasets.

All datasets are offered as standalone files, in various formats, most of them ready for use by common GIS software; file formats include shapefiles, ESRI GRID rasters, IDRISI, GeoTiff.


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Datasets (73)

DATASET | Last updated:
Manure and soil biodiversity

This dataset includes the spatial distribution of manure in EU and UK (per country, animal type) plus the database of the literature used to review interactions between Manure and...

DATASET | Last updated:
Rainfall Erosivity in the EU and Switzerland (R-factor)

Dataset (GIS map) (2015) and associated products for the "Rainfall erosivity" (R-factor), one of the input layers when calculating the Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE) model, wh...

DATASET | Last updated:
Water erosion in Europe by 2050

The dataset includes the soil loss by water erosion projections by 2050. The data include 3 raster files for the corresponding three different greenhouse gas concentration scenario...

DATASET | Last updated:
Soil microbial biomass and respiration

Maps of potential soil microbial basal respiration (bas), microbial biomass (Cmic), and respiratory quotient (qO2) predicted across Europe. Monthly maps for bas and Cmic are also a...

DATASET | Last updated:
Mercury content in the European Union topsoil

Topsoil Hg concentrations (μg kg−1) across 26 EU countries estimated by deep neural network – regression kriging. We also provide Mercury stocks and mercury fluxes to main riverbas...

DATASET | Last updated:
Soil Organic Matter (SOM) fractions

This dataset contains the original measured Soil Organic Matter (SOM) fractions of a subset of the LUCAS 2009 topsoil dataset. This dataset includes 352 samples for all land uses a...

DATASET | Last updated:
Topsoil Soil Organic Carbon (LUCAS) for EU25

This dataset (2015) provides maps for Topsoil Soil Organic Carbon in EU-25 that are based on LUCAS 2009 soil poibnt data through a generalized additive model. Map of predicted tops...

DATASET | Last updated:
Global phosphorus losses due to soil erosion

Global average phosphorus (P) losses due to soil erosion in kg ha−1 yr−1. Thus we combine the most recent spatially distributed global soil erosion estimates with global P content ...

DATASET | Last updated:
Land degradation in global arable lands

Analysis of the spatial footprint of the multiple forms of land degradation in global arable lands. This includes 5 land degradation processes: aridity, soil erosion, vegetation de...

DATASET | Last updated:
Global Applications of Soil Erosion Modelling Tracker

Global Applications of Soil Erosion Modelling Tracker (GASEMT) includes 3030 individual modelling records from 126 countries, encompassing all continents. GASEMT includes peer-revi...

DATASET | Last updated:
European Soil Database v2.0 (vector and attribute data)

This database (2004) is the only harmonized soil database for Europe, extending also to Eurasia. It contains a soil geographical database SGDBE (polygons) to which a number of esse...

DATASET | Last updated:
Groundwater Resources maps of Europe

GIS Maps related to Groundwater resources in Europe, covering 3 themes: Inventory of aquifers; Hydrogeology of aquifers; Groundwater abstraction; for 9 European countries (Belgium,...

DATASET | Last updated:
Potential threats to soil biodiversity in Europe

Dataset that contains 3 GIS maps showing Potential threats to soil biodiversity in Europe (for soil microorganisms, for fauna,forbiological functions), along with 13 input layers (...

DATASET | Last updated:
Soil erosion by wind

This dataset consists of various elements related to soil erosion by wind: 1) Soil loss by wind erosion in European agricultural soils (2016); 1km resolution, 2) Land susceptibili...

DATASET | Last updated:
Google Earth Files

Google Earth Files (with ".kmz" extension) that correspond to 73 attribute maps derived from the European Soil Database v2 (ESDB v2) for EU27 countries.

DATASET | Last updated:
Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas Maps

Dataset (2016) containing 2 GIS maps from the Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas: 1) the Soil Biodiversity map showing a simple index describing the potential level of diversity livin...

DATASET | Last updated:
Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) Projections for Europe

This dataset consists of a number of data layers (raster GRID maps) that are associated to the peer-reviewed publication "Assessment of soil organic carbon stocks under future cl...

DATASET | Last updated:
Global Rainfall Erosivity

Rainfall erosivity dataset (2017) is one of the input layers when calculating the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) model, which is the most frequently used model for s...

DATASET | Last updated:

Database (2004) developed from the measured profiles; present in the Soil Profile Analytical Database of Europe of the European Soil Database v2. It counts 560 profiles within the ...

DATASET | Last updated:
Soil profile analytical database 14 (SPADE 14)

Soil Profile Analytical Database 14 (SPADE 14) is based on the concept used in previous versions of SPADE (SPADE 1 and 8). It includes 1078 soil profile data from 28 countries.

DATASET | Last updated:
Biodiversity factor in soil erosion.

A biological factor to be included in soil erosion modelling. The available data for Earthwork diversity (richness and abundance) introduced a new "earthworm factor" to be incorpor...

DATASET | Last updated:
Desertification risk in Greece

Qualitative assessment on desertification risk in Greece based on Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESAs) data of MEDALUS methodology

DATASET | Last updated:
Carbon budget in the EU agricultural soils

Cumulative C budget over the period 2016-20100 in the EU agricultural soils under the accelerated and current soil erosion scenarios.

DATASET | Last updated:
Global Soil Erosion

Global Soil Erosion is a re-sampled dataset (25km) of the original Global Soil Erosion map. Both the 2012 and 2001 datasets are provided. The data package includes also the input l...

DATASET | Last updated:
LUCAS 2015 Topsoil data of Switzerland

The dataset contains the data of physical and chemical properties analysed in samples taken in Switzerland within the context of LUCAS 2015 survey. These data have been used in the...

DATASET | Last updated:
Global soil erosion by water in 2070

Land use and climate change impacts on global soil erosion by water (2015-2070). This dataset includes the baseline scenario (2015) and the future projections (2070) of soil erosio...

DATASET | Last updated:

Data from the 2015 LUCAS campaign soil component containing soil properties data (clay, silt and sand content, coarse fragments, pH (CaCl2 and H2O), organic carbon content, CaCO3, ...

DATASET | Last updated:
Soil Profile Analytical Database 2

Soil Profile Analytical Database for Europe (2009) (separate from the European Soil Database SPADE-1) aiming to provide sufficient soil property data to support higher tier modelin...

DATASET | Last updated:
Natural susceptibility to soil compaction in Europe

Map (2008) showing the natural susceptibility of agricultural soils to compaction if they were to be exposed to compaction, based on the creation of logical connections between rel...

DATASET | Last updated:
Saline and Sodic Soils in European Union

Saline and Sodic Soils Map for EU-27 (2008) showing the area distribution of saline, sodic and potentially salt affected areas within the European Union. The accuracy of input inpu...

DATASET | Last updated:
Soil pH in Europe

A quantitative map of estimated soil pH values across Europe from a compilation of 12,333 soil pH measurements from 11 different sources, and using a geo-statistical framework base...

DATASET | Last updated:
G2 soil erosion model data

G2 generic model for soil erosion applied to 5 application areas (Crete island,Cyprus, Ishmi-Erzeni watershed, Korce, Strymonas/Struma); available layers: Soil erosion (Total & Mon...

DATASET | Last updated:
Soil Organic Carbon - Saturation Capacity in Europe

This dataset (map) (2016) shows the Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) saturation capacity, expressed as the ratio between the actual and the potential SOC stock in each pixel. Values close...

DATASET | Last updated:
European Soil Database v2 Raster Library 1kmx1km

This database (2006) is a set of raster data sets that have been derived from the European soil Database v2, for most attributes. The values for the attributes are categorized (non...

DATASET | Last updated:
Soil erosion in forestland in Europe (using RUSLE2015)

Dataset (2 GIS-maps) (2016) related to soil erosion in Forestland in Europe. One map is the soil loss potential for EU28; the other map is the European Forest Cover Change for 36 E...

DATASET | Last updated:
Pan European Soil Erosion Risk Assessment - PESERA

A 2003 GIS map of Soil erosion estimates (t/ha/yr) by applying the PESERA GRID (physical) model at 1km, using the European Soil Database, CORINE land cover, climate data from the M...

DATASET | Last updated:
Global Landform classification

This dataset (GIS maps) represent global lanform classification calculated by the JRC, according to 1) Meybeck et al., presenting relief classes, which are calculated based on the ...

DATASET | Last updated:
Biochar Meta-analysis Database

Data (2011) associated to the publication "A quantitative review of the effects of biochar application to soils on crop productivity using meta-analysis. Agriculture, Ecosystems an...

DATASET | Last updated:
Pan-European SOC stock of agricultural soils

Data (2014) related to Pan-European SOC stock of agricultural soils, containing GIS maps for a) Pan-European SOC stock of agricultural soils (shapefile), b) Potential carbon seque...

DATASET | Last updated:
Heavy Metals in topsoils

GIS Maps (2008) produced by mapping the concentrations of eight critical heavy metals (arsenic, cadmium, chromium, copper, mercury, nickel, lead and zinc) using the 1588 georeferen...

DATASET | Last updated:

Data from the 2009 LUCAS campaign soil component containing soil properties data (clay, silt and sand content, coarse fragments, pH, organic carbon content, CaCO3, nitrogen, phosph...

DATASET | Last updated:
Support Practices factor (P-factor) for the EU

This GIS map (2015) represents the "Support Practices factor" (P-factor) for the EU. At European level, the effect of support practices (compulsory for farmers to receive incentive...

DATASET | Last updated:
Cover Management factor (C-factor) for the EU

This dataset (GIS map) (2015) represents the Cover Management factor (C-factor), one of the input layers when calculating the Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE) model, which is t...

DATASET | Last updated:
Soil erosion by water (RUSLE2015)

Dataset (GIS map) (2015) that shows the Soil Loss by Water Erosion in Europe and is the result of applying a modified version of the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) mo...

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