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Time and Concentration Responses of HepaRG

Chemical safety assessment requires information on both chronic and acute effects of toxicants. Traditionally, such information has been provided by a set of animal studies conducted over different durations, ranging from a single dose with observation of effe...

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EURL ECVAM library of reference chemicals

The EURL ECVAM library of reference chemicals is a catalogue of chemical lists that can be used to standardise, qualify, characterise or compare in vitro, in chimico and in silico methods and models. It contains chemical lists used in research and validation ...

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Survey Results on the validity of complex in vitro models

The survey constitued of 14 multiple answer questions, aimed to understand the stakholders' opinion on the current credibility and validity of complex in vitro models such as 3D spheroids, bioprinted tissues, bioreactor cultures and microphysiological systems ...

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Three Rs Education and Training Learning Scenarios

This dataset is a publicly accessible collection of learning scenarios which have been created by education professionals for use by educators who wish to teach topics under the umbrella of the Three Rs and alternative methods. The collection covers university...

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JRC QSAR Model Database

The JRC QSAR Model Database is a historical archive providing information on the validity of Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) models that were submitted to JRC's EU Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing (EURL ECVAM). The da...

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EURL ECVAM Kinetic Parameters Dataset

The ECVAM KinParDB contains kinetic parameters on 100 chemicals (pharma, pesticides, industrial chemicals as well as environmental contaminants), each of which has been or still is used in various ECVAM validation programs. The database is searchable for names...

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Three Rs Education and Training Courses and Resources

The purpose of the collection of these data undertaken between June and September in 2018 was to provide a snapshot overview of education and training courses and resources on the theory and application of the Three Rs principles (replacement, reduction and re...

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HTS DB of Nanomaterials on HepaRGs

The large amount of existing nanomaterials demands for rapid and reliable ways to test their potential toxicological effect on human health, preferably by means of relevant in vitro tests in order to reduce testing on animals. Combining high throughput workflo...