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Fire in Western Attica, Greece (2021-08-17)

Activation time (UTC): 2021-08-17 07:03:00 Event time (UTC): 2021-08-16 09:29:00 Event type: Wildfire (Forest fire) Activation reason: A wildfire is raging from Monday noon in the west sector of Attica region at Pateras mountain, burning down large fore...

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Salvage loggings

Data on total harvest, salvage loggings and causes of salvage loggings in 17 Member States: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Sweden.

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EURO2012 in Poland (2012-04-27)

Activation time (UTC): 2012-04-27 09:00:00 Event time (UTC): 2012-04-27 08:00:00 Event type: Other Activation reason: There is an operational need for the satellite imageries and vector data of several places of Poland being used during the football cha...

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Wind storm in Poland (2013-12-28)

Activation time (UTC): 2013-12-28 11:30:00 Event time (UTC): 2013-12-24 10:00:00 Event type: Wind storm Activation reason: Heavy wind between 24th and 27th of december caused lots of damages of buildings, infrastructures and forest Reference products...

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Windfall damage in Poland (2017-08-16)

Activation time (UTC): 2017-08-16 11:16:00 Event time (UTC): 2017-08-12 00:00:00 Event type: Storm (Extra-tropical storm) Activation reason: On the 12/08/2017 a severe windstorm hit northern Poland with reports of large impacts to forests. The Brda Rive...

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Fire in Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland (2020-04-22)

Activation time (UTC): 2020-04-22 14:26:00 Event time (UTC): 2020-04-19 16:01:00 Event type: Wildfire (Land fire: brush, bush, pasture) Activation reason: On 20 April 2020 at 07.45 UTC, a fire was reported to the State Fire Service in the Biebrza Nation...

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Re-open EU

This resource consists of 25 endpoints of the Re-open EU app: 24 endpoints provide - in the 24 languages of the EU - information on COVID-19 measures and travel restrictions in 31 European countries. Another endpoint provides epidemiological data. The Re-open ...

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European CH4 flux inversions 2006-2012

Inverse-modelling of European CH4 emissions during 2006-2012 based on TM5-4DVAR model (described in detail in: Bergamaschi, P., Karstens, U., Manning, A. J., Saunois, M., Tsuruta, A., Berchet, A., Vermeulen, A. T., Arnold, T., Janssens-Maenhout, G., Hammer, S....