MSFD: Non-indigenous species

Acronym: MSFD-NIS


The Descriptor 2 of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD- Directive 2008/56/EC) requires the Member States, through regional and subregional cooperation, to establish threshold values for the number of new introductions of non-indigenous species (NIS) per assessment period, measured from the reference year as reported for the initial assessment. As a response, the Joint Research Centre in cooperation with Member States nominated experts developed baseline datasets of NIS for each EU country and national part of the MSFD marine subregion up to the end of 2011. Also collected, the records of NIS found from 2012 to 2017 in each EU country and national part of the related MSFD marine subregion. These datasets contain the species first record and associated pathway. The datasets are updated every 6 years (MSFD cycle).



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Records of Non-Indigenous Species (NIS) at MSFD subregional level. The dataset contains NIS data with date of first introduction and pathways.

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Records of Non-Indigenous Species (NIS) at MSFD Member State level. The dataset contains i) NIS data until the end of 2011 (baseline), ii) NIS data with the date of first introduct...

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