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Agri-enviromental semantic segmentation of LUCAS

This dataset contains a semantic segmentation delineation derived from street-level images, focusing on categorizing agricultural and natural landscapes. With 35 distinct classes, including labels such as "field margin," "crop," "cropfield," and "ditch," the d...

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Circular Economy monitoring - Indicator 10

This dataset is the contribution to the Eurostat Circular Economy Monitoring Framework regarding the indicator on the number of patents related to recycling and secondary raw materials. The input is included to the Eurostat monitoring framework available here...

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SETIS Research & Innovation country dashboards

The SETIS R&I country dashboards contain time series of research and innovation investments and trends in patents in the Energy Union R&I priorities and the SET Plan Actions for the EU Member States.

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GreenHouse Gases Concentration - ICOS Level 1 and Level 2 data

Measurement of atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane) performed in compliance with ICOS protocols established for class-2 atmospheric stations (

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Industrial accident in Osijek, Croatia (2023-10-04)

On the 4 October 2023, in the early hours of the day, a fire broke out in the industrial zone of Drava International company, located in the southern part of the city of Osijek, Croatia. The event is under control with damages reported to affect storage facili...

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EU estimated agricultural balance sheets

A simplified balance sheet to estimate apparent consumption of apples, crops, dairy products, meat, milk, olive oil, oranges and wine, at Member State level. It combines trade data from Eurostat COMEXT database and DG AGRI's short-term outlook for EU agricultu...

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Flood in Scotland, United Kingdom (2023-10-07)

On the 7 October 2023 at 12:00 UTC, extensive flooding is forecast to hit Central Scotland. The event is expected to affect a large geographic area with potential economic and environmental damage and danger to life. Copernicus EMS Rapid Mapping is requested t...

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Global resilience dashboards: Summer 2023 update

The database contain a set of indicators extracted from publicly available data underlying the update of the European Commission’s resilience dashboards at global level as of Summer 2023, based on data up to 2021. It includes some additional refinements and ad...

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The dataset was created by manually classifying pixels using Sentinel-2 scenes, where objects represented various water and non-water targets.

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EU funds mapping to DD targets 2014-2027

The dataset contains estimated data on past and planned EU level public investment (over the 2014-2027 period) geared towards facilitating the digital transformation. The data offers estimations of the EU level funding supporting the achievement of the Digital...

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LUCAS Vision

Crop identification using deep learning on LUCAS crop cover photos

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HIAD 2.1

Public repository of the Hydrogen Incidents and Accidents Database HIAD

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EDO Combined Drought Indicator (CDI) (version 3.0.0)

Combined Drought Indicator based on SPI, soil moisture and fAPAR, to identify areas with potential to suffer agricultural drought, areas where the vegetation is already affected by drought conditions, and areas in recovery process to normal conditions after a ...

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Socioeconomic Tracker using Unconventional Data

Modern economies and societies produce massive datasets that need to be analysed using new modelling techniques. In particular, measuring the informational content of text in economic and social news is useful for market participants and societies to adjust th...