Geo-Information System for Renewables

Acronym: GIS-RE


This collection contains the dataset produced in the framework of the project GIS-RE (Geo-Information System for Renewables).

In GIS-RE, the opportunities provided by renewable energies for the low carbon society are assessed by means of geographical analysis (GIS) and technological cost data. The availability and exploitability of raw resources for renewable energy production is assessed with a special emphasis on Europe and Africa. Because of its complexity, emphasis is on a mix of statistical and geographical methodologies, tools and models for a geo-spatial analysis of the economic potential of different biomass feedstock for bioenergy production.


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Energy and transport

Datasets (7)

DATASET | Last updated:
Healthcare facilities and electricity access in Africa

An electricity access health facility database in Africa (EHFDB). The EHFDB incorporates (i) Geographic locations of health centres (ii) the estimated electricity access for healt...

DATASET | Last updated:
Electricity grid Africa

Spatial extent of existing and planned electricity grid. A new electricity grid layer was compiled by using multiple sources that enumerates elements of the existing transmission a...

DATASET | Last updated:
Refugee Settlements Electricity Access (RSEA)

The dataset contains the “Refugee Settlements Electricity Access (RSEA)” in tabular (*.csv) and geospatial database (*.gpkg) formats and provides the modelled technical and economi...

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