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Inorganic gases-2024

Ambient Air Quality measurements of NO, NO2, O3, CO and SO2 at the JRC Ispra site. Data are unvalidated and updated once per day. Available validated data can be found using the link to ABC-IS webpage. Missing data is expressed as -999.99 or -999.98999

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Radon exhalation rate

The dataset contains the radon exhalation rate in mBq/m2/s from soil measured nearby the European Commission Atmospheric Observatory. The estimation is based on measuring the radon activity concentration emanating from the surface and accumulated in a containe...

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Forest flux station - IT-SR2-2022

Measurements of fluxes of CO2, H2O, energy plus meteorological parameters of the atmosphere and the soil at the ICOS station IT-SR2 in San Rossore, Pisa, Italy, following the ICOS protocol. Full year 2020, 2021 and 2022 ICOS L2 data release

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GreenHouse Gases Concentration - ICOS Level 1 and Level 2 data

Measurement of atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane) performed in compliance with ICOS protocols established for class-2 atmospheric stations (