European Platform on Life Cycle Assessment

Acronym: EPLCA


The EU's knowledge base that responds to business and policy needs for social and environmental assessments of supply chains and end-of-life waste management, otherwise known as life cycle assessments. The EPLCA consists of different tools and databases including the European Life Cycle Database (ELCD): the International reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD) Handbook, the Life Cycle Data Network (LCDN) and the LCA Resource Directory (RD) that includes a Reviewer Registry (RR) for LCI dataset reviewers.

ELCD datasets allows check-visualize and download the high quality Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) core data sets of the Commission (European Life Cycle Database, ELCD core database). The data are organised in subsections, namely: Processes, LCIA (life cycle impact assessment) Methods and Flows. Each dataset is characterized by name, year of release, geographical reference and classification (economic sector).

LCDN hosts the Life Cycle Inventory datasets that are compliant with minimum requirements of Format and Nomenclature, according to specific guidance available through the webpage. It is composed of different nodes manged by data providers. Through the LCDN only compliant and reviewed data are findable, while through the single nodes can be found also non-reviewed data.

RD contains metadata information about life cycle thinking related services, tools and databases and the corresponding developers and providers. The entries have cross-references to entries in the other parts of the directory, where appropriate. It is also available a study section hosting documents and scientific papers based on different life cycle approaches. Another section is dedicated to the Reviewer Registry, and hosts information on potential data reviewers for different life cycle schemes. The documents and study section is organised by type of methodology (e.g. Life Cycle Assessment, Product Environmental Footprint, Eco Design etc.) . The Service and tools section is organised by type of service (e.g. consulting, software, database, etc.), for the software and databases it is declared if the provider is developer or just supplier. The Reviewer Registry allows to choose single or team reviewers, and allows to check the eligibility basing on different life cycle schemes.


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PCC slurry; Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC) - slurry, uncoated, with a solid content ranging from 15% to 40% in the slurry, a CaCO3 content of 98% or more, a median particle size ranging typically from 0.3 to 3 µm, ready to be shipped as slurry. Production at plant.; Production at plant; none (Location: RER)

Specific data collection and process modelling were performed in accordance with ISO 14040 and 14044 series. Process related data were collected on 14 PCC production sites located ...

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Lead; primary; consumption mix, at plant (Location: DE)

The data quality is overall good in terms of the used technologies. The data are based on public available information from 2000 and 2002. The emissions are measured emissions whic...

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