Steel sections, including recycling; blast furnace route / electric arc furnace route; production mix, at plant; 1kg (Location: GLO)

Collection: EPLCA : European Platform on Life Cycle Assessment 


High data quality. Data collected on site by steel industry experts in accordance with the worldsteel methodology and ISO 14040 standards, and consistency-checked by worldsteel LCA-experts. Global coke, sinter, pellet, hot metal, slab production based on wordsteel site specific data. Metallurgical coal data based on global IEA statistics and information from the GaBi database. Iron ore data obtained from iron ore producer. Other upstream data based on the GaBi database, including country specific electricity. The LCI does not include any further processing beyond the steelworks gate such as bending, shaping, cutting, welding etc. The LCI includes credits and burdens associated with end of life recycling, applying a burden to the scrap input and a credit for recycling of the product at end of life. Therefore, end of life recycling does not need to be modelled separately. Burdens associated with shredding and baling at end of life are not included.

Technical Purpose: A steel section rolled on a hot rolling mill. Steel Sections include I-beams, H-beams, wide-flange beams, and sheet piling. It can

be found on the market for direct use. This product is used in construction, multi-story buildings, industrial buildings, bridge trusses, vertical highway supports, and

riverbank reinforcement.

Geographical Representation: GLO


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  • Simone Fazio
  • David Pennington

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Fazio, Simone; Pennington, David (2007): Steel sections, including recycling; blast furnace route / electric arc furnace route; production mix, at plant; 1kg (Location: GLO). European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) [Dataset] PID:


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