Copper sheet; technology mix; consumption mix, at plant; 0,6 mm thickness (Location: EU-15)

Collection: EPLCA : European Platform on Life Cycle Assessment 


The data set is part of a LCA study on copper products. The study is based on recent industry data supplied by the European copper industry, and thus reflecting the reality in copper semis fabrication. In comparing copper architectural sheets with other roofing and facade materials by means of Life Cycle Assessment should be based on the functional unit, with a sheet thickness of 0.6 mm. This thickness is the most commonly available in the market today for roofing purposes. The use phase of copper roofing is one of the longest, easily reaching well beyond 100 years. Copper church roofs still functional after more than 500 years are known. The type of covering and the inclination of the roof should also be considered. The mass of one my of sheet may not necessarily be equivalent to one my of roof or one my of building surface. The specific properties of each material, the underlying support structures and the design all need to be considered. Many cradle to grave life cycle assessment studies have shown that the environmental aspects from the use and end of life phases of products are often much more significant. The economic value of copper scrap, based on its ability to be recycled 100% without any loss in performance, must be included in comparative assessments.

Technical Purpose: Copper sheet is typically used in building and construction (roofing, cladding, etc.). For industrial use e.g. electrical

engineering the thickness is in general finer.

Geographical Representation: EU-15


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  • Simone Fazio
  • David Pennington

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Fazio, Simone; Pennington, David (2000): Copper sheet; technology mix; consumption mix, at plant; 0,6 mm thickness (Location: EU-15). European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) [Dataset] PID:


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