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Landslides in Slovenia (2023-05-19)

Activation date: 2023-05-19 Event type: Other Activation reason: The CEMS Risk and Recovery Standard (RRM STD) has been activated by the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief of the Republic of Slovenia on behalf of the Geological S...

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Water quality assessment of river Odra (2022-08-29)

Activation date: 2022-08-29 Event type: Other Activation reason: The activation was triggered due to a massive fish die-off in the Odra (Oder) river beginning in late July 2022 in the upstream area around the village of Lipki and moving downstream to...

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Nation-wide asset mapping for Sweden (2021-07-06)

Activation date: 2021-07-06 Event type: Other Activation reason: BEAM (Basic European Assets Map) provides a spatial data package for the estimation and comparison of real and potential damages caused by natural disasters. BEAM is based on spatial an...

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Germany, Herne city flood preparedness (2020-02-11)

Activation date: 2020-02-11 Event type: Other Activation reason: This is an exceptional activation of the Risk and Recovery Mapping Service as the analysis does not represent the actual risk assessment, but has been defined by the needs of an exercis...

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Tsunami risk assessment in Southern Italy (2017-09-25)

Activation date: 2017-09-25 Event type: Other Activation reason: Pre-disaster situation analyses for four locations in Italy: Priolo (Sicilia), Otranto (Puglia), Metaponto (Basilicatta) and Catanzaro Lido (Calabria). All of the AOIs are located on th...