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Forest flux station - IT-SR2-2020

Measurements of fluxes of CO2, H2O, energy plus meteorological parameters of the atmosphere and the soil at the ICOS station IT-SR2 in San Rossore, Pisa, Italy, following the ICOS protocol. Full year 2020 ICOS L2 data release

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INCA - Carbon Sequestration

This dataset is an output of KIP INCA. Global climate regulation as an ecosystem service includes the sequestration of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere by ecosystems. This dataset reports carbon sequestration by forests and woodland based on reported LUL...

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Database of LCA results for bio-based commodities

This database accompanies the JRC Science for Policy report 'Biomass production, supply, uses and flows in the European Union. First results from an integrated assessment' (EUR 28993 EN), as well as the JRC Factsheet entitled "Life Cycle GHG impacts of bio-bas...