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Flood in Tuscany region, Italy (2023-12-21)

Activation date: 2023-12-21 Event type: Flood Activation reason: In the wake of Storm Ciarán's destructive path across Western Europe from late October to early November 2023, the region of Tuscany in central Italy faced catastrophic flood...

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Flood in Thessaly Region, Greece (2023-12-20)

Activation date: 2023-12-20 Event type: Flood Activation reason: In September 2023, Thessaly Region, Greece, was hit by extended floods due to heavy rainfall. After three months, an area north, north-west of Karla lake is still flooded. The On-demand...

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Landslide delineation in Slovenia (2023-09-17)

Activation date: 2023-09-17 Event type: Mass movement Activation reason: The landslides in Eastern Slovenia caused by heavy rainfalls on 17 May 2023 were object to investigate, geolocate and quantify using post event data of CEMS’s Aerial compo...

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Landslide in Racha region, Georgia (2023-08-21)

Activation date: 2023-08-21 Event type: Mass movement Activation reason: On the evening of 3 August 2023, a significant landslide struck the Georgian municipality of Oni, located in the mountainous region of Racha, Georgia. This event had a seve...

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Wildfire in Rhodes Island, Greece (2023-07-26)

Activation date: 2023-07-26 Event type: Wildfire Activation reason: This CEMS Risk and Recovery Standard activation has been requested to provide damage delineation and grading product over Rhodes Island, Greece, which was hit by a wildfire on 18&nbs...

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Landslides in Slovenia (2023-05-19)

Activation date: 2023-05-19 Event type: Other Activation reason: The CEMS Risk and Recovery Standard (RRM STD) has been activated by the Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief of the Republic of Slovenia on behalf of the Geological S...