Flood in Tuscany region, Italy (2023-12-21)

Collection: CEMS-RRM : CEMS Risk and Recovery Mapping 


Activation date: 2023-12-21

Event type: Flood

Activation reason:

In the wake of Storm Ciarán's destructive path across Western Europe from late October to early November 2023, the region of Tuscany in central Italy faced catastrophic flooding and landslides. On the 2 November 2023, an intense weather system hit Italy with strong scirocco winds and high precipitations. The highest rainfall has occurred in the provinces of Pisa, Florence, Pistoia and Prato, the Bisenzio river and other minor secondary rivers overflowed and flooded neighboring localities. In Campi Bisenzio, the Bisenzio river flooded, transforming the streets into torrents.Copernicus EMS Rapid Mapping was activated on the 3 November 2023 03:21 UTC to provide initial rough estimation, flood extent and damage assessment emergency mapping (EMSR705). The event was monitored until the 6 November 2023 over 8 areas of interest. The CEMS aerial component requested the acquisition of drone images over specific sub-areas and the Regional Civil Protection has requested the activation of the Copernicus Risk & Recovery Standard Service for recovery actions and for having a more detailed situation.The detailed damage assessment was achieved by combining several post-event images, satellite and drone images acquired between the 15 and 25 of November 2023.Around 1 000 ha of flood traces and mud accumulation areas are still visible 2-3 weeks after the event in both AOIs covered by this product. Moreover, 20 dike breaches were also identified. Regarding the infrastructures damaged by this event, around 2 500 buildings were impacted, mostly classified as “possible damage”, 2 bridges were destroyed and around 20 km of roads were affected.The detailed reference dataset for high importance areas product aims to provide very accurate and precise spatial information about selected areas identified as high importance or strategic (i.e. chemical plant), mostly for preparedness or recovery activities. These products were achieved by analysing VHR drone images over three AOIs. 


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Copernicus EMS Risk and Recovery Mapping Activation [EMSN185]: Flood in Tuscany region, Italy (2023-12-21)
  • Maps produced in scope of this Copernicus EMS Risk and Recovery Mapping activation downloadable as georeferenced PDFs, TIFFs and JPEGs together with relevant geodatabase (GDB) and complete final report as well.

Spatial coverage

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<gml:Polygon xmlns:gml="">  <gml:outerBoundaryIs>    <gml:LinearRing>      <gml:coordinates>10.96869,43.98713 11.15403,43.98713 11.15403,43.81441 10.96869,43.81441 10.96869,43.98713</gml:coordinates>    </gml:LinearRing>  </gml:outerBoundaryIs></gml:Polygon>
<gml:Polygon xmlns:gml="">  <gml:exterior>    <gml:LinearRing>      <gml:posList>10.96869 43.98713 11.15403 43.98713 11.15403 43.81441 10.96869 43.81441 10.96869 43.98713</gml:posList>    </gml:LinearRing>  </gml:exterior></gml:Polygon>
POLYGON ((10.96869 43.98713, 11.15403 43.98713, 11.15403 43.81441, 10.96869 43.81441, 10.96869 43.98713))

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