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EU Ecosystem Assessment - Invasive Alien Species

A spatially explicit cross-cutting indicator that quantifies the cumulative and relative pressure by IAS on terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems, by means of a unitless figure related to the relative extent of each ecosystem type negatively affected, over a r...

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EU Ecosystem Assessment - Urban Ecosystem

Air pollutants emissions: Pressure indicator. Total air pollutants emission inside Functional Urban Areas. Air pollutants concentration: environmental quality indicator. Average air pollutants concentrations inside Functional Urban Areas. Municipal waste gene...

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INCA - Outdoor Recreation

This dataset is an output of KIP INCA. It describes the use of outdoor recreation on a daily basis (requiring short distance movement to reach a recreational area). Outdoor recreation is a cultural ecosystem service that includes all physical and intellectual...

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LF211 - Recreation potential maps (LUISA Platform REF2014)

The land function provision of leisure refers to the access to recreational services including cultural landscapes. The indicator Recreation Potential reflects the potential opportunities for nature based recreation activities provided from different ecosystem...