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01_JRC-EU-TIMES Full model

Database with input files (Excel) for the JRC-EU-TIMES model, owned by JRC. The JRC-EU-TIMES model helps understanding the role of energy technologies and their innovation needs for meeting European policy targets related to energy and climate change. The mod...

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03_JRC-EU-TIMES Hydrogen module

One Excel file contains all data related to hydrogen in JRC-EU-TIMES: hydrogen production, storage, transport and distribution but also on technologies that consume and transform hydrogen. The other two files are the actual model files (Subres files), only for...

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POTEnCIA Central-2018 scenario

The POTEnCIA Central-2018 scenario describes the projected evolution of the EU energy system until the year 2050 under the assumption that no further policies and measures are introduced beyond the end of 2017. The results show that both the energy and the car...