GloFAS hydrological reanalysis

Acronym: CEMS-GloFAS-RA


This collection includes output of global hydrological simulations produced in the context of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service - Global Flood Awareness System (CEMS-GloFAS). Output maps have quasi global extent and 0.1 degree (~10 km) grid resolution.


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Environment and climate change Safety and security

Datasets (2)

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GloFAS streamflow Reanalysis v3.0 for 1980-2018

This dataset includes daily maps of discharge (in m3/s) simulated with the Lisflood hydrological model with quasi global extent at 0.1 degree (~10 km) grid resolution. The model wa...

DATASET | Last updated:
Flood seasonality

This dataset is derived from the state-of-the-art global daily streamflow reanalysis GloFAS Reanalysis v3.0 at 0.1° resolution. River floods occurred in all major world rivers in 1...

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