GloFAS v4.0 hydrological reanalysis

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The GloFAS v4.0 hydrological reanalysis dataset is the new generation of the ERA5-forced hydrological reanalysis produced within the Copernicus Emergency Management Service including daily maps of discharge (in m3/s) with quasi global extent at 0.05 degree (~5 km) grid resolution. The dataset contains several updates in comparison to the GloFAS streamflow Reanalysis v3.1 including a higher spatial resolution at 0.05 degree (~5 km), a complete new set of input maps for the catchment physical properties, major improvements to the open-source hydrological model LISFLOOD and a new calibration at 1996 gauging stations with a minimum drainage area of 500 km2 and at least 4 years of observational data. Furthermore, for ungauged catchments, a parameter regionalization was performed transferring parameter sets from donor catchments based on spatial and climatological proximity to ensure the best possible simulation of river flows for all catchments around the world. The model set up, which was used to generate this dataset, will also be part of the operational Copernicus Emergency Management Service GloFAS ensuring a regular (daily) update in near-real time for this dataset. Detailed technical information on the dataset can be found on the GloFAS wiki.


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Grimaldi, Stefania; Salamon, Peter; Disperati, Juliana; Zsoter, Ervin; Russo, Carlo; Ramos, Arthur; Carton, Corentin; Barnard, Chris; Hansford, Eleanor; Gomes, Goncalo; Prudhomme, Christel (2022): GloFAS v4.0 hydrological reanalysis. European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) [Dataset] PID:


Copernicus Emergency Management Service Global Flood Awareness System Hydrology LISFLOOD river discharge

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GloFAS v4.0 hydrological reanalysis


Publication 2022
GloFAS v4.0 hydrological reanalysis
Grimaldi, S., Salamon, P., Disperati, J., Zsoter, E., Russo, C., Ramos, A., Carton De Wiart, C., Barnard, C., Hansford, E., Gomes, G. and Prudhomme, C., GloFAS v4.0 hydrological reanalysis, European Commission, 2022, JRC131349.
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    This collection includes output of global hydrological simulations produced in the context of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service - Global Flood Awareness System (CEMS-GloFAS). Output maps have quasi global extent

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1980-01-01 2022-07-31

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