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Support Practices factor (P-factor) for the EU

This GIS map (2015) represents the "Support Practices factor" (P-factor) for the EU. At European level, the effect of support practices (compulsory for farmers to receive incentives under the CAP-GAEC) on soil loss were assessed by P-factor estimation taking i...

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LUCAS 2015 Topsoil data of Switzerland

The dataset contains the data of physical and chemical properties analysed in samples taken in Switzerland within the context of LUCAS 2015 survey. These data have been used in the study "Comparison of sampling with a spade and gouge auger for topsoil monitori...

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Topsoil data for 18,984 samples from LUCAS 2018 are available as a CSV file and, to facilitate use of the data, an ESRI shapefile containing the theoretical points to which the taken samples should be associated; you may preview the readme file to find a descr...