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Innovation Output Indicator

This dataset contains the 2023 update of the Innovation Output Indicator (IOI), which is a composite indicator published by the European Commission to quantify the extent to which ideas for new products and services carry an economic added value and are capabl...

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EDO Soil Moisture Index Anomaly (SMA) (version 2.1.3)

Soil Moisture Anomaly (SMA) at 5 km spatial resolution, computed as standardized deviation from a baseline period 1995-2023. The dataset is derived from 6-hourly LISFLOOD modelled soil moisture in the top two soil layers, as produced for EFAS4 on a LAEA projec...

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EDO Combined Drought Indicator (CDI) (version 3.0.2)

The Combined Drought Indicator (CDI) is an indicator for drought early warning, specifically designed to monitor agricultural drought. Through the combination of spatial patterns of precipitation, soil moisture and greenness vegetation anomalies, the CDI ident...

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EURL ECVAM library of reference chemicals

The EURL ECVAM library of reference chemicals is a catalogue of chemical lists that can be used to standardise, qualify, characterise or compare in vitro, in chimico and in silico methods and models. It contains chemical lists used in research and validation ...

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Public Sector Tech Watch latest dataset of selected cases

This open dataset includes the list of cases for the purpose of the Public Sector Tech Watch, concerning the use of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and other emerging technologies within the public sector. Complete metadata and taxonomy information about t...