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Soil Bulk Density in Europe

This dataset includes bulk density for Europe in 0-20cm, 0-10cm, 10-20cm layers generated with advanced Cubist rule-based regression model. We also provide the Packing density estimation based on bulk density and clay content. In addition, we make available th...

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Soil health related citizen-science projects

Soil-related citizen science projects have gained significant interest driven by the prominence of soil within public policy agendas. EUSO in collaboration with ECHO makes a review on previous citizen science projects, initiatives and activities that have enga...

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Pesticides residues in European agricultural soils

This dataset contains the results of a study targeting residues of active ingredients of pesticides used as crop protection products in soil samples collected from the 2018 LUCAS survey. This is the largest study providing a comprehensive characterization on t...

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Database of EU Research projects in soils

Collection of EU Research projects in soils during the last forty years (n = 1101 projects) funded by the successive European Commission Framework Programs (FP) for research and innovation (from FP1 to H2020)

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