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EDO Soil Moisture Index Anomaly (SMA) (version 2.1.3)

Soil Moisture Anomaly (SMA) at 5 km spatial resolution, computed as standardized deviation from a baseline period 1995-2023. The dataset is derived from 6-hourly LISFLOOD modelled soil moisture in the top two soil layers, as produced for EFAS4 on a LAEA projec...

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EDO Combined Drought Indicator (CDI) (version 3.0.2)

The Combined Drought Indicator (CDI) is an indicator for drought early warning, specifically designed to monitor agricultural drought. Through the combination of spatial patterns of precipitation, soil moisture and greenness vegetation anomalies, the CDI ident...

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GDO Ensemble Soil Moisture Anomaly (version 2.3.0)

Soil moisture anomaly maps are computed on a 30-day moving window at a spatial resolution of 0.1 decimal degrees and updated every 10 days. Moving windows have an ordinal reference: - 1st window of month M goes from day 11 of month M-1 to day 10 of month M (e....