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Public Sector Tech Watch latest dataset of selected cases

This open dataset includes the list of cases for the purpose of the Public Sector Tech Watch, concerning the use of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and other emerging technologies within the public sector. Complete metadata and taxonomy information about t...

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Selected AI4IOP cases for (JRC134713)

The report has identified 189 cases using Artificial Intelligence to support/facilitate data interoperability inside the public sector in Europe. These 189 cases are included in this dataset. These 189 cases are out of the 720 AI cases listed in the other data...

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Update of Selected AI cases in the Public Sector (JRC134713)

This dataset contains 720 cases and it is an update of the already dataset published dataset with the JRC Report "AI Watch. European landscape on the use of Artificial Intelligence by the Public Sector" (JRC129301). This dataset is associated with the JRC Tech...

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IPS Taxonomies (deprecated)

This is the old dataset that included the old IPSO taxonomies used or defined in the framework of the Innovative Public Services (IPS) Action of the EU ISA² Programme, and adopted in the service catalogue of the IPS Observatory (IPSO).

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Selected blockchain cases in the public sector (JRC131202)

This dataset contains an updated list of selected cases taken from the public sector institutions in Europe on adopting and implementing blockchain technology. The cases have been collected from a series of activities (surveys, workshops, interviews, desk rese...

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Inventory of Innovative Public Services (deprecated)

This is an old dataset not maintained anymore that was including the list of cases identified by the old Innovative Public Services Observatory (IPSO), concerning the use of emerging and disruptive technologies in public services, formatted and reduced in orde...