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GloFAS: flood reporting points

This data set contains key locations at which the GloFAS flood forecast shows a high probability of exceeding the 2-, 5- and 20-year return period (three separate layers). Additionally information for a large number of fixed stations all over the world is prov...

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GloFAS: probabilistic precipitation forecast

This data set shows for the whole globe the probability [%] of accumulated precipitation exceeding 50, 150 and 300 mm over the entire forecast range of 10 days. This is based on the probabilistic precipitation forecast of the ECMWF (ECMWF-ENS). The update fre...

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GloFAS: accumulated precipitation forecast

This data set shows for the whole globe the accumulated amount of precipitation [mm] for the next 10 days, based on the median of the ECMWF ensemble forecast. The update frequency of this data set is daily; and the spatial coverage is global; while the horizon...

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GloFAS: flood hazard map (100 year return period)

This data set shows on a 100-resolution the inundated areas for flood events with a return period of 100-years, based on GloFAS climatology. Permanent water bodies were derived from the Global Lakes and Wetlands Database and from the Natural Earth lakes map (n...

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GloFAS: ECMWF-ENS based probabilistic flood forecast

This data set composes of two separate layers, each showing a probabilistic flood forecast on a global scale based on the ECMWF-ENS. Each layer shows the number of ensembles above two threshold levels: one for the 5-year return period, and the other on for the...

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GloFAS: seasonal outlook

This data set composes of three separate layers, each providing a global seasonal outlook on flow anomalies and their probability of occurrence; one at predefined locations, one for the river network and the last aggregated over river basins. River flow anom...