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Title: HTS DB of Nanomaterials on HepaRGs


The large amount of existing nanomaterials demands for rapid and reliable ways to test their potential toxicological effect on human health, preferably by means of relevant in vitro tests in order to reduce testing on animals. Combining high throughput workflows with automated high content imaging techniques allows to derive much more information from cell-based assays than with the typical readouts (i.e. one measurement per well) with optical plate-readers. We present here a dataset including up to 14 different read outs including viable cell count, cell membrane permeability, apoptotic cell death, mitochondrial membrane potential and steatosis of the human hepatoma HepaRG cell line treated with a large set of nanomaterials, coatings and supernatants at different concentrations. The database, given its size, can be utilized for the development of in silico hazard assessment and prediction tools or can be combined with toxicity effect on other in vitro test systems.

Elisabeth Joossens 0000-0001-8091-4192
Peter Macko
Taina Palosaari
Kirsten Britta Gerloff
Isaac Ojea-jiménez
Douglas Gilliland
Salvador Fortaner Torrent
Jean-Michel Gineste
Isabella Römer
Sophie Marie Briffa
Eugenia Valsami-Jones 0000-0002-8850-7556
Iseult Lynch 0000-0003-4250-4584
Maurice Whelan
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Joossens, Elisabeth; Macko, Peter; Palosaari, Taina; Gerloff, Kirsten Britta; Ojea-jiménez, Isaac; Gilliland, Douglas; Fortaner Torrent, Salvador; Gineste, Jean-Michel; Römer, Isabella; Briffa, Sophie Marie; Valsami-Jones, Eugenia; Lynch, Iseult; Whelan, Maurice (2018):  HTS DB of Nanomaterials on HepaRGs. European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) [Dataset] doi:10.2905/jrc-10088-10009 PID:
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  • publication A high throughput imaging database of toxicological effects of nanomaterials tested on HepaRG cells

    Joossens, E., Macko, P., Palosaari, T., Gerloff, K., Ojea Jimenez, I., Gilliland, D., Novak, J., Fortaner Torrent, S., Gineste, J., Romer, I., Briffa, S., Valsami-Jones, E., Lynch, I. and Whelan, M., A high throughput imaging database of toxicological effects of nanomaterials tested on HepaRG cells, SCIENTIFIC DATA, ISSN 2052-4463 (online), 6 (46), 2019, p. 1-10, JRC114500.


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  • Background Information ZIP

    The Zip file contains the following elements: (1) investigation.xlsx, a file with metadata of the experiments, assay specific information, the experimental plate layouts and NM characterisation; (2) methods containing the data acquisition codes and the dispertion protocols; (3) and (4), two zip archives with the original and processed data.

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Digital Object Identifier doi:10.2905/jrc-10088-10009

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