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Title: Jobs and wealth in the EU bioeconomy / JRC- Bioeconomics


The JRC - Bioeconomics dataset has been elaborated jointly by JRC and the Nova-Institute (nova-Institut für politische und ökologische Innovation GmbH). This database quantifies employment, value added and turnover in the Bioeconomy and in bioeconomy sectors, namely agriculture, forestry, fishing, the manufacture of food, beverage and tobacco, the manufacture of bio-based textile, the manufacture of wood and wood products, the manufacture of paper, the manufacture of bio-based chemicals, the manufacture of bio-based pharmaceuticals, the manufacture of bioplastics, the manufacture of liquid biofuels and the production of bioelectricity. The geographical scope of this database is the EU and the 28 EU Member states. Data are available from 2008 to 2015.

Tévécia Ronzon
Stephan Piotrowski
Robert M'barek robert.m' 0000-0002-3205-3938
Michael Carus
Saulius Tamošiūnas
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Ronzon, Tévécia; Piotrowski, Stephan; M'barek, Robert; Carus, Michael; Tamošiūnas, Saulius (2018):  Jobs and wealth in the EU bioeconomy / JRC- Bioeconomics. European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) [Dataset] PID:
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  • publication A systematic approach to understanding and quantifying the EU’s bioeconomy

    Ronzon, T., Piotrowski, S., M`barek, R. and Carus, M., A systematic approach to understanding and quantifying the EU’s bioeconomy, BIO-BASED AND APPLIED ECONOMICS, ISSN 2280-6180, 6 (1), 2017, p. 1-17, JRC103641.


  • publication Bioeconomy Report 2016

    Ronzon T, Lusser M, Landa L, M`barek R, Giuntoli J, Cristobal Garcia J, Parisi C, Ferrari E, Marelli L, Torres De Matos C, Gomez Barbero M and Rodriguez Cerezo E. Bioeconomy Report 2016. EUR 28468 EN. Luxembourg (Luxembourg): Publications Office of the European Union; 2017. JRC103138


  • publication Socioeconomic indicators to monitor the EU’s bioeconomy in transition

    Ronzon, T. and M`barek, R., Socioeconomic indicators to monitor the EU’s bioeconomy in transition, SUSTAINABILITY, ISSN 2071-1050, 10 (6), 2018, p. 1745, JRC111642.


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Last modified 2019-03-14
Issue date 2018-04-30
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Geographic area European Union
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From: 2008-01-01 – To: 2015-12-31

Update frequency annual
Language English
Data theme(s) Agriculture, fisheries, forestry and food; Economy and finance

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