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Title: Fire Database in the European Forest Fire Information System (version 2-3-1)


This dataset series refers to the Fire Database, containing the forest fire information compiled by countries in Europe, Middle East and North Africa, in the context of the development of the European Forest Fire Information System (EFFIS). ▷How to cite: see below◁  

The Regulation EEC No 804/94 (now expired) established a Community system of information on forest fires for which a systematic collection of a minimum set of data on each fire occurring, the so called “Common Core”, had to be carried out by the Member States participating in the system. This regulation was replaced by the Forest Focus regulation in 2003.

Following the Forest Focus regulation (EC) No 2152/2003, concerning monitoring of forests and environment interactions in the Community, the forest fire common core data was continued to be recorded in order to collect comparable information on forest fires at Community level.

Since 2000 the forest fire data provided each year by individual EU Member States and ...

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From: 1980-01-01

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Data theme(s) Environment
EuroVoc concept(s) fire; natural hazard; scientific research
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Fire Database information is based on data files submitted annually by the contributing countries. Data from individual fire events are aggregated by NUTS3 region and month for dissemination. Not every country provides information from every fire so some regions and years may be ...
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72.0° N, 45.0° E, 25.0° S, -20.0° W

Coordinate Reference System ETRS89 / LAEA Europe

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