Organisation: European Commission, Joint Research Centre
Point of contact: robert.m'

Title: Scenar 2030 - Pathways for the European agriculture and food


PATHWAYS FOR THE EUROPEAN AGRICULTURE AND FOOD SECTOR BEYOND 2020 - interactive infographics and dashboards complementing the scientific report "Scenar 2030 - Pathways for the European agriculture and food sector beyond 2020", a study carried out by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) and external experts in the context of the JRC's analytical support to the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development. The report analyses the impact on the agricultural sector of stylised scenarios, reflecting the main drivers of policy debate and thus providing a framework for further exploration of the process of designing the future CAP.

Robert M'barek robert.m' 0000-0002-3205-3938
Jesus Barreiro-Hurle 0000-0002-6422-6047
Pierre Boulanger 0000-0003-1793-6203
Arnaldo Caivano 0000-0002-8321-9432
Pavel Ciaian 0000-0003-2405-5850
Hasan Dudu 0000-0002-2820-1096
Maria Espinosa 0000-0002-0766-2539
Thomas Fellmann 0000-0002-4798-329X
Emanuele Ferrari 0000-0003-0031-7190
Sergio Gomez y Paloma 0000-0001-9289-7633
Celso Jesús Gorrín González
Mihaly Himics 0000-0003-3923-9898
Kamel Louhichi
Angel Perni
George Philippidis 0000-0003-1727-2240
Guna Salputra 0000-0001-5577-4220
Peter Witzke 0000-0001-6237-8031
Giampiero Genovese
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M'barek, Robert; Barreiro-Hurle, Jesus; Boulanger, Pierre; Caivano, Arnaldo; Ciaian, Pavel; Dudu, Hasan; Espinosa, Maria; Fellmann, Thomas; Ferrari, Emanuele; Gomez y Paloma, Sergio; Gorrín González, Celso Jesús; Himics, Mihaly; Louhichi, Kamel; Perni, Angel; Philippidis, George; Salputra, Guna; Witzke, Peter; Genovese, Giampiero (2017):  Scenar 2030 - Pathways for the European agriculture and food. European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) [Dataset] PID:
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  • publication Scenar 2030 - Pathways for the European agriculture and food sector beyond 2020

    M`barek, R., Barreiro Hurle, J., Boulanger, P., Caivano, A., Ciaian, P., Dudu, H., Espinosa Goded, M., Fellmann, T., Ferrari, E., Gomez Y Paloma, S., Gorrin Gonzalez, C., Himics, M., Elouhichi, K., Perni Llorente, A., Philippidis, G., Salputra, G., Witzke, H. and Genovese, G., Scenar 2030 - Pathways for the European agriculture and food sector beyond 2020, EUR 28797 EN, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2017, ISBN 978-92-76-16663-4 (online),978-92-76-16662-7 (epub), doi:10.2760/43791 (online),10.2760/425843 (epub), JRC108449.


Additional information
Issue date 2017-12-18
Landing page
Geographic area European Union
Temporal coverage

From: 2016-01-01 – To: 2030-12-31

Update frequency unknown
Language English
Data theme(s) Agriculture, fisheries, forestry and food

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