Digital Government APIs - The road to value-added Open API-Driven services

Acronym: APIS4DGOV


The European Commission's DG CONNECT together with the Joint Research Centre (JRC) launched the "APIs4DGov - Digital Government APIs. The Road to value-added Open-driven services." study with the purpose to gain further understanding of the current use of APIs in digital government and their added value for public services.

The collection contains observations and datasets

that have used to support the study

(related, for example, to API communities, API standards and governmental APIs). Notice that these datasets are maintained and published only for information purposes about the study (which finishes at the end of 2019). For this reason, they will be updated following the timeline of the study and it is not guaranteed they will be further updated after the end of the study. Should you have any update or comment on the datasets, please let us know.


jrc-apis4dgov (at)

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Information society

Datasets (7)

DATASET | Last updated:
API best practices references

This list contains a comprehensive set of documents that describe best practices, recommendations and guidelines collected all over the world (mainly from and for the public secto...

DATASET | Last updated:
APIs4DGov studied cases

List of API cases selected to support the comparative case study analysis on EU APIs

DATASET | Last updated:
List of government APIs

This list contains the government API cases collected, cleaned and analysed in the APIs4DGov study "Web API landscape: relevant general purpose ICT standards, technical specificati...

DATASET | Last updated:
API adoption self-assessment: questionnaire

A comprehensive questionnaire, based on hundreds of best practices analysed from all around the world, that can be used to self-assess the adoption and implementation of the API in...

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