List of government APIs

Collection: APIS4DGOV : Digital Government APIs - The road to value-added Open API-Driven services 


This list contains the government API cases collected, cleaned and analysed in the APIs4DGov study "Web API landscape: relevant general purpose ICT standards, technical specifications and terms".

The list does not represent a complete list of all government cases in Europe, as it is built to support the goals of the study and is limited to the analysis and data gathered from the following


- The EU open data portal - The European data portal

- The INSPIRE catalogue

- JoinUp: The API cases collected from the European Commission JoinUp platform

- Literature-document review: the API cases gathered from the research activities of the study performed till the end of 2019

- ProgrammableWeb: the ProgrammableWeb API directory

- Smart 2015/0041: the database of 395 cases created by the study ‘The project Towards faster implementation and uptake of open government’ (SMART 2015/0041).

- Workshops/meetings/interviews: a list of API cases collected in the workshops, surveys and interviews organised within the APIs4DGov

Each API case is classified accordingly to the following rationale:

- Unique id: a unique key of each case, obtained by concatenating the following fields: (Country Code) + (Governmental level) + (Name Id) + (Type of API)

- API Country or type of provider: the country in which the API case has been published

- API provider: the specific provider that published and maintain the API case

- Name Id: an acronym of the name of the API case (it can be not unique)

- Short description


Type of API: (i) API registry, a set, catalogue, registry or directory of APIs; (ii) API platform: a platform that supports the use of APIs; (iii) API tool: a tool used to manage APIs; (iv) API standard: a set of standards related to government APIs; (v) Data catalogue, an API published to access metadata of datasets, normally published by a data catalogue; (vi) Specific API, a unique (can have many endpoints) API built for a specific purpose

- Number of APIs: normally only one, in the case of API registry, the number of APIs published by the registry at the 31/12/2019

- Theme: list of domains related to the API case (controlled vocabulary)

- Governmental level: the geographical scope of the API (city, regional, national or international)

- Country code: the country two letters internal code

- Source: the source (among the ones listed in the previous) from where the API case has been gathered


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