Land Use and Coverage Area frame Survey

Acronym: LUCAS


Accurately characterizing land surface changes with Earth Observation requires geo-localized ground truth. In the European Union (EU), a tri-annual

surveyed sample of land cover and land use has been collected since 2006 under the Land Use/Cover Area frame Survey (LUCAS). A total of 1.351.293 observations at 651.780 unique locations for 117 variables along with 5.4 million photos were collected during five LUCAS surveys. This collection contains official release of the LUCAS dataset.


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Science Areas

Agriculture and food security Innovation and growth Information society Environment and climate change

Datasets (3)

DATASET | Last updated:
LUCAS Cover 2006-2018

LUCAS Cover photos 2009-2018 over the EU: 874,646 spatially distributed geo-tagged close-up photos with land cover and plant species label

DATASET | Last updated:
LUCAS Copernicus 2018

The Land Use/Cover Area frame Survey (LUCAS) is a regular in-situ land cover and land use ground survey exercise that extends over the whole of the European Union. LUCAS was carrie...

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