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Forest fires preparedness, Ukraine (2020-04-24)

Activation date: 2020-04-24 Event type: Wildfire Activation reason: The United Nation Development Program (UNDP) Ukraine’s Accelerator Lab works on documenting existing solutions and running experiments to test new solutions. Possible solutions...

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Forest Fire in Chios Island in Greece (2012-08-28)

Activation date: 2012-08-28 Event type: Forest fire, wild fire Activation reason: Large areas of high forest have been burnt by the fire. In addition to that, in the southern part of the island many areas where the unique species Pistacia lentiscus v...

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EFAS threshold level exceedance

This data set contains for all locations across Europen rivers for which EFAS is predicting floods specifications on the time and magnitude of the forecasted flood peak. The magnitude is indicated by the highest EFAS threshold level exceeded (2-,5- and 20-yea...