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EFAS threshold level exceedance

This data set contains for all locations across Europen rivers for which EFAS is predicting floods specifications on the time and magnitude of the forecasted flood peak. The magnitude is indicated by the highest EFAS threshold level exceeded (2-,5- and 20-yea...

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EFAS flood probabilities

This data set shows for all European rivers the probability (in %) of the EFAS hydrological predictions (based on the ECMWF ensembles) exceeding the EFAS 5-year return period within the forecast range (next 10 days). This information is part of the operationa...

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EFAS flood reporting points

This data set contains key locations at which the EFAS flood forecast shows a high probability of exceeding the EFAS 2-/5-year return period. For those locations a wide-range of additional hydro-meteorological information are provided. Additional hydro-meteo...