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  • CONTRIBUTORS Pigaiani Cristian
  • KEYWORDS tourism
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UDP - Dependence on distant origins

This indicator measures the dependence of a country’s tourism on distant international markets. It is calculated as the share of nights spent at accommodation establishments by foreign tourists arriving from distant origins. Within the European continent, the ...

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UDP - Presence of Blue Flags

This descriptor shows the number of “blue flag” certifications awarded to beaches, marinas and sustainable boating tourism operators. Blue flags are awarded annually for their high quality standards in terms of the water quality, environmental management and i...

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UDP - Excellent bathing water

This indicator measures the quality of bathing waters. It is calculated as the share of sampled bathing water sites that are classified as "excellent" within a tourist destination. The measurement criterion is based on the presence of significant polluting sub...

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UDP - Share of protected/designated land

This descriptor measures the share of protected/designated land belonging to the European networks Natura 2000 or Emerald Network in relation to the total area of the country or region. Natura 2000 is the ecological network for the conservation of wild animal ...

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UDP - Dominant tourism typology

This descriptor classifies each tourism destination according to one of the following six tourism typologies: urban (or city tourism), coastal, nature, rural, snowy mountain, and mixed. The classification is first determined at NUTS3 level based on the proport...

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UDP - Internet speed at tourism destinations

This indicator measures the maximum available speed of internet connection at tourism destinations (municipality level), considering both fixed and mobile networks. It is based on measurements of internet speed at municipal scale, with each municipality weight...

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UDP - UNESCO sites

This descriptor shows the number of World Heritage Sites designated by UNESCO. To be included in the World Heritage List, sites must be of outstanding value on the basis of cultural and natural criteria. A high number of UNESCO sites indicates the strong prese...