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ICD-O-3 ontology

Owl ontology representing the morphology and topography codes of ICD-O-3 (International Classification of Diseases for Oncology). The base ontology is ICD-O-3.1 with the imported ontology incorporating the ICD-O-3.2 changes.

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TNM Ed7 ontology

An OWL ontology to model TNM staging (Ed 7) addressed primarily to cancer registry tasks. The ontology imports several other ontologies provided in the distribution, including those containing ICD-O-3 codes

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ENCR core-data ontology

The ENCR (European Network of Cancer Registries) core-data ontology describes the relations and inter-variable dependencies between the ENCR core data variables. The ontology, which comprises a set of OWL files, is used as a basis of a prototype for new ENCR d...

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European Cancer Information System

The European Cancer Information System (ECIS) permits the exploration of geographical patterns and temporal trends of incidence, mortality and survival data submitted by about 150 European population-based cancer registries, for the major cancer sites. The dat...