Organisation: European Commission, Joint Research Centre

Title: Floods in Croatia (2014-02-20)


Activation time (UTC): 2014-02-20 17:33:00 Event time (UTC): 2014-02-20 15:00:00 Event type: Flood

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Heavy rainfall and snowfall in the first 10 days of February and subsequent snow-melt and channel clogging have caused floods in central Croatia, principally in the basins of Sava and Kupa rivers. Although the waters in general were declining on 19 February, the counties of Sisak-Moslavina, Karlovac, Zagreb and Lika-Senj remain affected and flooded homes were reported on 18 February in Odra Sisacka. Slovenia and Hungary sent respectively 50 000 and 100 000 sandbags to Croatia to assist the flood counter-measures.

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Issue date 2014-02-20
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