EDGAR v6.0 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Collection: EDGAR : Emissions Database for Global Atmospheric Research 


EDGARv6.0 provides emissions of the three main greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, N2O) and fluorinated gases per sector and country.

CO2 emissions are provided separately for CO2_excl_short-cycle_org_C and CO2_short-cycle_org_C. Emissions of CO2_excl_short-cycle_org_C include all fossil CO2 sources, such as fossil fuel combustion, non-metallic mineral processes (e.g. cement production), metal (ferrous and non-ferrous) production processes, urea production, agricultural liming and solvents use. Large scale biomass burning with Savannah burning, forest fires, and sources and sinks from land-use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) are excluded.

For the energy related sectors the activity data are primarily based on IEA data from IEA (2019) World Energy Balances, (Internet: link), All rights reserved, as modified by Joint Research Centre, European Commission, whereas the activity data for the agricultural sectors originate primarily from FAO (2020) (Internet: link). United States Geological Survey (USGS), International Fertiliser Association (IFA), Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership (GGFR)/U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), UNFCCC and World Steel Association (worldsteel) recent statistics are also used for activity data. Additional information can be found in Crippa et al. (2021).

Compared to EDGARv5.0 the following updates have been included: - updates of all activity data up to 2018 - inclusion of CO2 emissions from coal mining based on the IPCC 2019 refinements - new international shipping proxies and monthly profiles (Jalkanen et al. (2012), Johansson et al. (2017))


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  • Fabio Monforti Ferrario
  • Monica Crippa
  • Diego Guizzardi
  • Marilena Muntean
  • Edwin Schaaf
  • Eleonora Lo Vullo
  • Efisio Solazzo
  • Jos Olivier
  • Elisabetta Vignati

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Monforti Ferrario, Fabio; Crippa, Monica; Guizzardi, Diego; Muntean, Marilena; Schaaf, Edwin; Lo Vullo, Eleonora; Solazzo, Efisio; Olivier, Jos; Vignati, Elisabetta (2021): EDGAR v6.0 Greenhouse Gas Emissions. European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) [Dataset] PID:


CH4 CO2 emissions F-gases global monthly N2O greenhouse gas inventory

Data access

EDGARv6.0_GHG: greenhouse gas emissions gridmaps
  • For each sector annual gridmaps (1970-2018) are provided for all substances. For each sector monthly gridmaps (2018) are provided for all substances using the temporal distribution profiles described in Crippa et al. (2020).

EDGARv6.0_GHG: greenhouse gas emissions timeseries
  • For each substance emission timeseries (1970-2018) by sector and country are provided in an overview table.

Geographic areas


Spatial coverage

Type Value
<gml:Polygon xmlns:gml="">  <gml:outerBoundaryIs>    <gml:LinearRing>      <gml:coordinates>-180,89.9 179.9,89.9 179.9,-90 -180,-90 -180,89.9</gml:coordinates>    </gml:LinearRing>  </gml:outerBoundaryIs></gml:Polygon>
<gml:Polygon xmlns:gml="">  <gml:exterior>    <gml:LinearRing>      <gml:posList>-180 89.9 179.9 89.9 179.9 -90 -180 -90 -180 89.9</gml:posList>    </gml:LinearRing>  </gml:exterior></gml:Polygon>
POLYGON ((-180 89.9, 179.9 89.9, 179.9 -90, -180 -90, -180 89.9))

Temporal coverage

From date To date
1970-01-01 2018-01-01

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