Forest fire in Piemonte, Italy (2017-10-28)

Collection: CEMS-RM : CEMS Rapid Mapping 


Activation time (UTC): 2017-10-28 07:56:00
Event time (UTC): 2017-10-27 13:00:00
Event type: Wildfire (Forest fire)

Activation reason:
The Piemonte Region starting from the second part of the October is interested by several forest fires which are involving in particular the provinces of Torino and Cuneo. Since October 10, when the state of maximum danger for forest fires was declared, there were more than 200 interventions in the areas of Cumiana, Caprie, Cantalupa, Rubiana, Bussoleno, Traversella, Ribordone, San Germano Chisone, Fontanile, Perrero , Mompantero, Traversella in Torinese, Barge, Pietraporzio, Casteldelfino and Cortemilia in the province of Cuneo, and Borgomanero. At the date of 27th of October 160 regional volunteers are working and 120 firefighters with 60 vehicles are involved in on field activities. Both the regional and national resources are involved in the activities to manage the ongoing situation, from 18th to 26th October, state aviation fleet crews, in support of operations carried out by land teams and regional air carriers, carried out more than 60 flights in the area for a total of about 330 extinguishing liquids burnings.

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Copernicus Emergency Management Service - Mapping is a service funded by European Commission aimed at providing actors in the management of natural and man-made disasters, in particular Civil Protection Authorities and Humanitarian Aid actors, with mapping products based on satellite imagery.


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Copernicus EMS Rapid Mapping Activation [EMSR253]: Forest fire in Piemonte, Italy (2017-10-28)
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<gml:Polygon xmlns:gml="">  <gml:outerBoundaryIs>    <gml:LinearRing>      <gml:coordinates>6.99509991237,45.4563842086 7.54905499155,45.4563842086 7.54905499155,44.3124596037 6.99509991237,44.3124596037 6.99509991237,45.4563842086</gml:coordinates>    </gml:LinearRing>  </gml:outerBoundaryIs></gml:Polygon>
<gml:Polygon xmlns:gml="">  <gml:exterior>    <gml:LinearRing>      <gml:posList>6.99509991237 45.4563842086 7.54905499155 45.4563842086 7.54905499155 44.3124596037 6.99509991237 44.3124596037 6.99509991237 45.4563842086</gml:posList>    </gml:LinearRing>  </gml:exterior></gml:Polygon>
POLYGON ((6.99509991237 45.4563842086, 7.54905499155 45.4563842086, 7.54905499155 44.3124596037, 6.99509991237 44.3124596037, 6.99509991237 45.4563842086))

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