Forest Map of Europe for 2020

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Forest area map of Europe at 100 m resolution based on the Copernicus 2018 Forest Type map and modified to match the NFI Forest Area Statistics at sub-national level for the year 2020


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  • Valerio Avitabile

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Avitabile, Valerio (2022): Forest Map of Europe for 2020. European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) [Dataset] PID:


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Forest Map of Europe for 2020


Publication 2023
Biomass production, supply, uses and flows in the European Union
Avitabile, V., Baldoni, E., Baruth, B., Bausano, G., Boysen-Urban, K., Caldeira, C., Camia, A., Cazzaniga, N., Ceccherini, G., De Laurentiis, V., Doerner, H., Giuntoli, J., Gras, M., Guillen Garcia, J., Gurria, P., Hassegawa, M., Jasinevičius, G., Jonsson, R., Konrad, C., Kupschus, S., La Notte, A., M`barek, R., Mannini, A., Migliavacca, M., Mubareka, S., Patani, S., Pilli, R., Rebours, C., Ronchetti, G., Ronzon, T., Rougieux, P., Sala, S., Sanchez Lopez, J., Sanye Mengual, E., Sinkko, T., Sturm, V., Van Leeuwen, M., Vasilakopoulos, P., Verkerk, P.J., Virtanen, J., Winker, H. and Zulian, G., Biomass production, supply, uses and flows in the European Union, Mubareka, S., Migliavacca, M. and Sanchez Lopez, J. editor(s), EUR 31415 EN, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2023, ISBN 978-92-76-99070-3 (online), doi:10.2760/484748 (online), JRC132358.
  • Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
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    The European Union (EU) uses biomass to meet its needs for food and feed, energy, and materials. The demand and supply of biomass have environmental, social, and economic impacts. Understanding biomass supply, demand, costs, and their associated impacts is particularly important for relevant EU policy areas, to facilitate solid and evidence-based policymaking. As the European Commission's (EC) in-house science service, the role of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) is to provide EU policies with independent, evidence-based, scientific and technical support throughout the whole policy cycle, thereby contributing to coherent policies. To provide a sound scientific basis for well-prepared EC policy making, the JRC was requested by Commission services to periodically provide data, processed information, models, and analysis on EU and global biomass supply and demand and its sustainability. This report is the 3rd public-facing report under this mandate.

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2020-01-01 N/A

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