2023 PREDICT Dataset

Collection: PREDICT : Prospective insights on R&D in ICT 


PREDICT includes statistics on ICT industries and their R&D in Europe since 2006. The project covers major world competitors including 40 advanced and emerging countries: the EU27 plus United Kingdom, Norway, Russia and Switzerland in Europe; Canada, the United States and Brazil in the Americas; China, India, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan in Asia; and Australia. The dataset provides indicators in a wide variety of topics, including value added, employment, labour productivity and business R&D expenditure (BERD), distinguishing fine grain economic activities in ICT industries (up to 22 individual activities, 14 of which at the class level, i.e. at 4 digits in the ISIC/NACE classification), media and content industries (15 activities, 11 of them at 4 digit level) and at a higher level of aggregation for all the other industries in the economy. It also produces data on R&D expenditure. Nowcasting of more relevant data in these domains is also performed for the last two years, while time series go back to 1995. ICTs determine competitive power in the knowledge economy. The ICT sector alone accounts for almost one fourth of total Business expenditure in R&D (BERD) for the aggregate of the 40 economies under scrutiny in the project. It also has a huge enabling role for innovation in other technological domains. This is reflected at the EU policy level, where the Digital Agenda for Europe in 2010 was identified as one of the seven pillars of the Europe 2020 Strategy for growth in the Union; the achievement of a Digital Single Market (DSM) is one of the 10 political priorities set by the Commission since 2015; “A Europe fit for the digital age” is identified as one of the six European Commission priorities for the years 2019-2024; and digitalisation made a core part of the post-COVID-19 European recovery plan.


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Elisa Calza; Juan Torrecillas; Cardona, Melisande; Fernando Pascual; López-Cobo, Montserrat; De Prato, Giuditta; Righi, Riccardo; Vazquez-Prada Baillet, Miguel; Papazoglou, Michail; Mas, Matilde; Fernández de Guevara, Juan; Benages, Eva; Hernández, Laura; Mínguez, Consuelo; Pérez, Juan; Robledo, Juan Carlos; Salamanca, Jimena; Solaz, Marta (2023): 2023 PREDICT Dataset. European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) [Dataset] PID:


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