Tecno-Economic Segment

Acronym: TES


The collection provides a synthetic overview of a techno-economic segment (TES) ecosystem and its dynamics. Each dataset is the result of a study aimed at mapping a TES from a multidimensional perspective, providing an overview of the worldwide landscape. The unit of the analysis is the economic agent, or player, that can be a company, university, research institution or governmental authority. The player is expected to have an active role in the segment, with the capability to influence its economic development and future evolution. In this sense, the focus is set on the organisations, and not on individuals, namely the applicant organisation owning the invention in the case of patents, authors’ affiliation in conference proceedings, companies, governmental entities, etc. Each dataset targets both industrial and R&D activities. Therefore, players' economic activities of interest include R&D processes (research and innovative developments), general economic processes (industrial production, trade, marketing and other services), firms funding (venture capital funds or other types of investment). The results are provided aggregated by country of location of the institutions concerned.


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AI TES Dataset 2019

This dataset is the result of a study aimed at mapping the techno-economic segment (TES) of artificial intelligence (AI) from a multidimensional perspective, providing an overview ...

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