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Key indicators produced by the Research and Innovation Observatory (RIO) .

RIO monitored and analysed research and innovation developments during 2015-2020 at country and EU levels to support better policy making in Europe.


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Venture capital investments

Data on venture capital investments collected by the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EVCA) survey of all private equity and venture capital companies. Crea...

DATASET | Last updated:
Unemployment rates by education level

Unemployment rates are given for men and women and for the three levels of education, i.e. Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.

DATASET | Last updated:
BERD financed by public (government only) funds

Business enterprise R&D expenditure (BERD) financed by public funding (i.e. by the government) Other sources of public funding (i.e. Higher Education and EU funding) are not includ...

DATASET | Last updated:
Firm demography (birth and death rate)

Number of births and deaths of firms compared to the population of active firms. Available by country and by NACE industry.

DATASET | Last updated:
Growth rates of labour productivity

Annual growth rate of labour productivity defined as real value added per person or real value added per hours worked. Available by country and by NACE industry.

DATASET | Last updated:
R&D performed by the public sector by source of funds

The R&D performed by the public sector consists of the aggregation of the R&D performed by the government (GOV) and higher education (HES) sector. Created by filtering the original...

DATASET | Last updated:
Highly cited publications

Number of scientific publications among the top 10% most cited, in fractional counting.

DATASET | Last updated:
Value added in services by knowledge intensity

Value added at factor cost for knowledge-intensive services (KIS) and less knowledge-intensive services (LKIS) expressed as a share of the total value added and as a share of the v...

DATASET | Last updated:
Turnover from innovation

Defined as the ratio of turnover from products new to the enterprise and new to the market as a % of total turnover. Created by filtering the original Eurostat dataset.

DATASET | Last updated:
Students in tertiary education by gender

Both male and female students in tertiary education (ISCED97: ED5-6) and their respective shares. The number of students is expressed as a share of the population. Created by filte...

DATASET | Last updated:
High-tech exports

Data on high-tech exports. Created by filtering the original Eurostat dataset.

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