Nanomaterial safety and nanomedicine

Acronym: NANOSafety


The different datasets are contributing to the support for EU regulation on nanomaterials , anticipation of regulatory needs for nanomedicines. The data derive from vairous sources: 3 surveys, proteomics data, transcriptomics data, literature review data, terminology data (processed) and experiment data produced in the frame of institutional and exploratory projects.


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Datasets (7)

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Characterization of Liposome-based Nanomaterials

In order to provide guidelines to design and perform a robust and reliable physical-chemical characterization of liposome-based nanomaterials, and to support method development wit...

DATASET | Last updated:
Blood compatibility of nanomedicines

Collection of the current knowledge (in vitro and in vivo studies) related to the blood compatibility of nanomedicines and nanomaterials with a potential use in biomedical applicat...

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