Raw Materials Monitoring Indicators

Acronym: RMMI


The Raw Materials Monitoring Indficators is a collection of data which constitute the basis for the Raw Materials Scoreboard (hereafter ‘RM Scoreboard’) and the relevant indicators of the Circular Economy Monitoring Framework. The RM Scoreboard is a cornerstone of the European Union Raw Materials Knowledge Base (EURMKB) and an integral and permanent part of the Raw Materials Information System. It is an initiative of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials, meant to assess the progress towards its objectives, which overall aim to contribute to the 2020 objectives of the EU's Industrial Policy and the objectives of the flagship initiatives 'Innovation Union' and 'Resource Efficient Europe', by ensuring the sustainable supply of raw materials to the European economy whilst increasing benefits for society as a whole. The Raw Materials Scoreboard Multidisciplinary set of data covering raw materials production, trade, economic and innovation aspects (value added, jobs, patents, R&D investment, financing) framework conditions for mining (mining, exploration,policy framework), circular economy considerations (raw material flows, recycling, waste), environmental and social considerations (pressures on air, water and forests, occupational safety, sustainability reporting). In this context, the RM Scoreboard presents the best available data and indicators on the main challenges of raw materials production in the EU, along the entire raw materials value chain. The EC released the first edition of the RM Scoreboard in July 2016, and biannual updates are foreseen. Several Scoreboard indicators (NOs3,15,16,19) developed by the JRC have been intgerated in the Circular Economy Monitoring framework. The 2016 RM Scoreboard consists of 24 indicators grouped into five thematic clusters: (1) raw materials in the global context, (2) competitiveness & innovation, (3) framework conditions for mining, (4) circular economy and recycling, and (5) environmental and social sustainability. It was prepared in collaboration between DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs and the Commission’s Joint Research Centre, in close interaction with an ad-hoc working group (AHWG) of public and private stakeholders and policy makers (around 30 experts representing a balanced range of interests). The AHWG contributed to the Scoreboard during many steps of the development cycle, from indicators selection to the fine-tuning of the final information and data analyses.



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Secondary Raw Materials (SRMs)

Data on product composition and lifetime expections for typical products (notebook, screens, vehicles). Sources of data range from EUROSTAT (elaborated by JRC), JRC report, and H20...

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Raw Materials Scoreboard 2018

The Raw Materials Scoreboard (henceforth ‘RM Scoreboard’), a cornerstone of the European Union Raw Materials Knowledge Base (EURMKB) and an integral and permanent part of the Raw M...

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"The database behind the applications contains: - data previously downloaded from UN Comtrade. UN Comtrade data were filtered by commodity code and year to obtain only non-energy...

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