World Top R&D Investors Intellectual Property

Acronym: COR&DIP


The collection contains the top 2000 R&D investors worldwide (Scoreboard edition 2015) and their patent, trademark and design portfolios. It is established biennually by the JRC.B3 in collaboration with the OECD STI. This is version 1 of the database..


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Innovation and growth

Datasets (8)

DATASET | Last updated:
Top Corporate R&D Investors

Company data related to location of headquarters and industrial classifications

DATASET | Last updated:
Top Corporate R&D Investors - Financial

The data-set contains company data related to annual R&D expenditure, net sales, CAPEX, employment and operating profits.

DATASET | Last updated:
Patent portfolio

Patent data including publication authority, year of filing, priority, inpadoc family

DATASET | Last updated:
Patent classes

Additional patent related information. IPC and WIPO 35 technological classifications.

DATASET | Last updated:
Trademark portfolio

Publication authority and publication date of trademarks

DATASET | Last updated:
Trademark classes

Additional trademark data on NICE classes

DATASET | Last updated:
Design portfolio

Publication authority, publication date and design number by company

DATASET | Last updated:
Design classes

Locarno classes of designs

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