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EIDES 2018 dataset

During the last decade digitisation has transformed entrepreneurial activities as for both the entrepreneurial opportunities and the practices to pursue them. The measurement challenge of the digital entrepreneurship lays in the pervasive nature of the phenome...

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Patent classes

Additional patent related information. IPC and WIPO 35 technological classifications.

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Patent portfolio

Patent data including publication authority, year of filing, priority, inpadoc family

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Supply Chain Viewer

The dataset contains all the raw data and elaboration in support of the 2020 edition of the List of Critical Raw Materials for the EU

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The database behind the applications contains: - data previously downloaded from UN Comtrade. UN Comtrade data were filtered by commodity code and year to obtain only non-energy, non-food raw material commodities traded in 2014. The Harmonized System version...

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Raw Materials Profiles

Collection of 15 raw materials' specific profiles, containing various quantitative information related to the supply/value chains.