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Relative Pollination Potential

Pollination is a key ecosystem service as many crops but in particular, fruits and vegetables are partially dependent on pollinating insects to produce food for human consumption. This dataset is an index of relative pollination potential, which is defined as ...

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Water Retention Index

WRI is a composite indicator developed to assess the capacity of the landscape to regulate and retain water passing through it. This indicator shows where there could be a deficit in the capacity of the landscape to retain water which, combined with rainfall e...

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Recreation Opportunity Spectrum

The Recreation Opportunity Spectrum (ROS) represents the degree of service available according to proximity to roads and residential areas. It combines the potential opportunities offered by nature and a proximity map to derive nine categories: three levels of...

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Forest Carbon Potential

Forest carbon potential is an indicator which is developed to assess relative changes in carbon stock and flows and to compute its variation between two time periods, in relation to the extent of forests within the European Union. The indicator is based on out...

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Habitat quality

The habitat quality indicator is based on the modelled species distribution of common birds. Data on bird species occurrences were obtained from the EBCC Atlas of European Breeding Birds. Species distribution models were built by means of the maximum entropy m...

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Net Ecosystem Productivity

Net Ecosystem Productivity (NEP) may act as a surrogate for many ecosystem services given the crucial role of photosynthesis for many, if not all, ecosystem services. This indicator is based on NDVI measurements by Spot Vegetation. NDVI data were taken for 200...

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Air quality regulation

NO2 is used as indicator substance for mapping air quality regulation by urban green space. Removal of NO2 by urban green space is calculated based on NO2 concentrations and deposition velocity.

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Inventory of Innovative Public Services

This dataset includes the list of cases identified by the Innovative Public Services Observatory (IPSO), concerning the use of emerging and disruptive technologies in public services. IPSO is a project jointly carried out by DIGIT and JRC in the framework of ...

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ExpoFacts Database

The ExpoFacts database contains non-chemical exposure factors, data and information which are relevant to exposure and risk assessment of chemicals, performed in the context of several sectorial EU regulations on environment and public health. It also contains...

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TNM Ed7 ontology

An OWL ontology to model TNM staging (Ed 7) addressed primarily to cancer registry tasks. The ontology imports several other ontologies provided in the distribution, including those containing ICD-O-3 codes

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BLUE2 MEME Ensemble Means

Ensemble means of the relative change for core eutrophication indicators between the BLUE2 scenarios REF and MTFR provided by the Network of Experts for ReDeveloping Models of the European Marine Environment (MEME.

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GMO-Amplicon sources

Sequence dataset of putative GMO-related sequences, obtained by PCR simulation screening of public nucleotide sequence databanks, including patents and available whole plant genomes, as described in "JRC GMO-Amplicons: a collection of nucleic acid sequences re...

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Non redundant sequence dataset of amplicons collected by screening public nucleotide sequence databanks by in silico determination of PCR amplification with reference methods for GMO analysis, as described in "JRC GMO-Amplicons: a collection of nucleic acid se...

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LUCAS Copernicus 2018

The Land Use/Cover Area frame Survey (LUCAS) is a regular in-situ land cover and land use ground survey exercise that extends over the whole of the European Union. LUCAS was carried out in 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015, and 2018. A new LUCAS module specifically tailo...

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EFA FRA CBM Data analysis

Analysis and assessment of growing stock, increment and removals provided from the European Forest Account system, Forest Resource Assessment, Carbon Budget Model and other data sources