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Global Rainfall Erosivity

Rainfall erosivity dataset (2017) is one of the input layers when calculating the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) model, which is the most frequently used model for soil erosion risk estimation; for the whole World; R-factor map at resolutions of...

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G2 soil erosion model data

G2 generic model for soil erosion applied to 5 application areas (Crete island,Cyprus, Ishmi-Erzeni watershed, Korce, Strymonas/Struma); available layers: Soil erosion (Total & Monthly) plus Rainfall erosivity (Total & Monthly), vegetation retention (Total & M...

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Selected AI Breakthroughs for the AI Watch Timeline

This dataset contains important AI breakthroughs that have been used for visualising the AI history as a timeline on the AI Watch portal (see the "Other resources" section below). We have classified the breakthroughs according to the domains identified in the ...

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Inventory of Innovative Public Services

This dataset includes the list of cases identified by the Innovative Public Services Observatory (IPSO), concerning the use of emerging and disruptive technologies in public services. IPSO is a project jointly carried out by DIGIT and JRC in the framework of ...

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API best practices references

This list contains a comprehensive set of documents that describe best practices, recommendations and guidelines collected all over the world (mainly from and for the public sector) analysed within the APIs4DGov study. Each document is classified accordingly ...

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List of government APIs

This list contains the government API cases collected, cleaned and analysed in the APIs4DGov study "Web API landscape: relevant general purpose ICT standards, technical specifications and terms". The list does not represent a complete list of all government ...

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API adoption self-assessment: questionnaire

A comprehensive questionnaire, based on hundreds of best practices analysed from all around the world, that can be used to self-assess the adoption and implementation of the API in institutions of the public sector, mainly for governments at all levels. The se...

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AI TES Dataset 2019

This dataset is the result of a study aimed at mapping the techno-economic segment (TES) of artificial intelligence (AI) from a multidimensional perspective, providing an overview of the worldwide AI landscape in the last decade. The unit of the analysis is th...

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2019 PREDICT Dataset (deprecated)

PREDICT includes statistics on ICT industries and their R&D in Europe since 2006. The project covers major world competitors including 40 advanced and emerging countries - the EU28 plus Norway, Russia and Switzerland in Europe, Canada, the United States and Br...

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Global Transnational Mobility Dataset

Estimates of country-to-country cross-border human mobility ("trips") on the basis of global statistics on tourism and air passenger traffic. The two sources are adjusted and merged, resulting into a set of data that covers more than 15 billion estimated trips...

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Data collected by the JRC MyNatura2000 app

Observations that are retrieved from the JRC MyNatura2000 app, i.e. submissions received in real time, their updates to pre-validated and validated observations, and statistical information that is produced on top of these inputs.